Tania and Kyra


Tania-“My teachers are very caring and if they think you have a problem, they’ll pull you to the side to see what’s wrong and assist with the problem and try to help you to figure out what to do to help you to get out of the situation. If I need help they give me one on one help”​


Kyra-"I think MEYGA is a very educational program and a very safe program."


Pat Santangelo

Public Affairs Officer for the City of Miami Mayors Office

"When you come to the MEYGA Learning center your child is getting a world class education, they’re preparing children for success."

"MEYGA Learning Center is taking kids from one of the most impoverished areas and is bringing out the good in the community, the kids (at MEYGA) have a level playing field with the children (in some of the more affluent areas) in Coral Gables and Westin."




“MEYGA is a safe environment, it keeps me safe. They push me hard so I can get an education and finish school. “


“MEYGA helps in the community, the teachers, and the principal. MEYGA is a very caring school and program (it’s)  a very good environment that I like to be around.”

mr walter dennis.PNG

Mr. Walter Dennis

MEYGA Teacher (Over 30 years in education)

"MEYGA has a different approach. It’s a smaller setting, we know all of the kids and parents on an individual basis, we can get right to the problem, assist the kids, and help them move along the way. That’s a big difference."




“Mrs. Quarterman (MEYGA founder and principal) is caring and concerned, she cares about the students and the family. She Helps me and my daughter.”


“MEYGA cares and is very supportive, Before, my daughter was a task, they made her less of a task. The school calls me when she has problems. If they have problems they have a one on one team and knock the problem in the bud before it becomes a problem. “




“(MEYGA) is better with smaller classrooms and the teachers are more in tuned with the kids.”​​


“My son is in the 4th grade, but now they (at MEYGA) feel he can do 8th-grade work.”




The teachers pay attention, they focus, that’s what I like about the school”   “I love the program, they really care about the children. They really focus on the kids.”


“I love the program, they really care about the children. They really focus on the kids.”




“My son wasn’t doing so well at the public schools so they suggested he come here. It’s been great, before (my son) had problems. When he came here it’s been his best year.”




“It’s been wonderful, she’s learning more, staying focused more, I love it. This is the best thing that has ever happened for my daughter!”


“She’s come a long way, from an F to a B. My daughter loves it!”